Derek obtained his law and commerce degree (majoring in accounting) in New Zealand. He was awarded the Bar Scholarship by the Hong Kong Bar Association in 2003 and was called to the Hong Kong Bar in 2004.  He took silk in 2018.

Since commencing practice, Derek’s focus has mainly been on commercial crime, corruption, criminal cases initiated by various regulators and misconduct in the securities market resulting in tribunal proceedings or criminal prosecutions initiated by the Securities and Futures Commission. He has appeared as counsel in a number of high profile criminal cases including the corruption trial of the ex-Chief Executive of the HKSAR, the murder trial of Nancy Kissel, the criminal prosecution arising out of the consent scheme sale of flats in a residential development in Tuen Mun (Villa Pinada), and in one of the earliest criminal proceedings brought in the District Court under the Securities and Futures Ordinance against defendants accused of large-scale market manipulation.

Derek has also developed a significant appellate practice, appearing regularly in criminal appeals both in the Court of Appeal and in the Court of Final Appeal. He also appeared as amicus curiae in the Court of Final Appeal in HKSAR v Ho Yau Yin (2010) 13 HKCFAR 217 and in the Court of First Instance in Ng Shek Wai v The Medical Council of Hong Kong [2015] 2 HKLRD 121.