Established in 1982 by Gilbert Rodway QC, the chambers made its mark with four other original members:
Gilbert Rodway QC, Anthony Corrigan QC, Ian Payne and Valerie Penlington. It was then known as the
Chambers of Gilbert Rodway QC and located at Hang Chong Building.

Gilbert Rodway specialised in Family Law, but he also enjoyed a mixed practice, frequently taking on
civil as well as criminal cases. Anthony Corrigan, on the other hand, was a renowned and
successful criminal law advocate.

Gary Plowman joined the chambers in June 1984, after spending six years as a prosecutor for the Hong
Kong Government. It was not long before he made a name in criminal law. In 1993, Gary Plowman was
appointed Queen's Counsel. Four years later, upon becoming head of chambers, the chambers came to be
known as the Chambers of Gary Plowman SC. The name of the chambers was later shortened to Plowman Chambers.

Eric Kwok joined the chambers in 1997 and took silk in 2004. He became head of chambers in 2018.
The name of the chambers remains unchanged.

Former members of chambers also include the Honourable Mr Justice Michael Lunn VP, the Honourable
Mr Justice Andrew Macrae VP and the Honourable Mr Justice Andrew Chan.